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Lesli A JohnsonAsk The Adoptee is a place for anyone connected by adoption to ask and get answers to questions related to adoption. Ask the adoptee can be a useful resource for adoptees, adoptive parents, birth/first parents, foster parents and youth, educators, medical and mental health professionals and social workers. Education, insight and awareness are keys to understanding and integrating the lifelong adoption experience. Find answers and support here.

Lesli Johnson lives in Los Angeles and was adopted as an infant. She works as a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist specializing in adoption related issues. Her practice includes adults, adolescents, couples and families. Lesli is dedicated to helping her clients connect the dots of their story in order to achieve understanding, clarity, emotional resilience and a general sense of well being. Lesli also provides in-office and virtual coaching to adoptive parents and adoptees.  Please visit Lesli’s website for more information on her therapy practice.

Reach out to Use the email link or phone numbers provided to get in touch.

Email: | Phone: 310-614-1867